LA youths.

Vermont ave.

we out here.

starting fires. starting fires.

starting fires.


jwskatefiend asked:

your photos make me feel like i'm missing out on life BUT what's important is that they're pleasing to the eye, keep at it


thats so sweet. thank you i appreciate it. id hope my photos would make those who feel that way go out and make more of an adventure out of their own lives, there’s so much to see. xo


damnigotpics asked:

From one photog to another you are Dope! love your swag and you seem cool as fuck so stay cool how u be cool and I hope we can collab in the future.. P.S. (you probably get this all the time) but u remind me of the girl in KIDS (Rosario Dawson). lol Peace Yo


hahaha damndamndamn thanks 4 all the love peace to you 2

Palomija. Palomija.